Luka Vinary

OPEN SATURDAYS 15.00-20.00


Our family's tradition of winegrowing goes back for centuries. Our wineyards can be found in the hills between Fertőrákos and Balf where the unique climate of Lake Fertő, the excellent soil and plenty of sunshine give everything that our Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot noir, Blue Frankish and Zweigelt wines need.

We cultivate 3 ha of land and are proud of our outland and inland succes.

The way we prepare our wine alloys the eternel rules from our ancestors and the basic technologies of our times.

What can you expect if you taste Luka wine? An intresting duality of masculine character and female lightness.

We believe that our wines are not only pleasant drinks but also bottled books that tell stories... about our city, people and our fate.

I recommend our wines for you!

Luka Enikő

Contact: Tel.: 00 36 30 272 5014


6 wines 7.900.-Ft / person 

-with cold plate / hungarian ham , cheese, cabbages and vegetables/  3.900.-Ft / person 

-with 6 chocolate pralines 3.600.-Ft / person 

You should call me and book a winetasting . The winetasting is only available for a minimum of 8 people or you can join to another group. 

I am  looking forward to seing you.

Wine growing area

Death of grape is just transformation...

This is what, we people who specialize in wine belive, and this must be belived by everyone tasting our wine.

We are shaped by memories of neverending transformations that have been on for thousands of years. Wind carries the breath of must scented agony of grape - this is Sopron - an intimate historic town of western Hungary. When we think about Sopron, bending narrow streets, squares radiating medieval atmosphere, city walls coming into view, zigzag passages, ancient houses with couriously leaning out delicate balconies, vaulted gateways- with only memories sitting in their niches - old stones covered by ground ivy and quarters with wine cellars and village-like atmosphere come into our minds.

Beyond all of these, as a loyal guard stands out the city far famed symbol: the firewatch tower. The square, where the firewatch tower is, is one of Europe's largest "dining-rooms" where life has always been bustling with variety and has been accompanied withSopron Wine.

If we leave the town for a while, we find the reason for the love of wine, that is a characteristic of Sopron people. This historic wine-growing region mesmerizes in bright sunshine and keeps quit in autumn mist. One can feel the Alpine air, the clear breath of forest-covered mountainsides, and the closeness of lake Fertő glistening in the sun.

This special micro-climate an wine-growers of Sopron bring up the grape together with love.

80 per cent of wines give red wine in the area, to which Fertőboz, Fertőendréd, Fertőrákos, Fertőszentmiklós, Fertőszéplak, Harka, Hidegség and Kópháza belong.

Bluefrankish is said to be the most spreaded species, that grows fast, produces rich harvest does not become rotten, and gives high quality wine.

But the nice, a bit winegary tasting, harmonic red wines of Sopron are of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt.

White wines grown here are more fragnant and contain more vivid acids than white wines from other Hungarian wine-growings region.

Come and take a walk on the hills between Balf and Fertőrákos, and you will be moved by the magic of the landscape of Sopron. Arriving home, let the wine be more than a nice drink, let it be a memory of a beautiful day.

Photos of our wine growing area are on the page photos.